My name is Aaron Giese, also known as Geeztown (pronounced with a hard G as in Go).  I'm a singer/songwriter/producer from Minneapolis, MN.  I make synth pop music.

          I started off playing guitar in rock bands, making electronic music, producing hip hop, and recording my own bands in high school.  I went to college for recording and production and continued making music.  On April 4th 2004, I became a Christian and made some big changes in my life.  I dropped out of college and quit doing music completely for several years.  Then, after my dad bought a pro tools rig, I started messing around again.  One thing lead to another and I was making music again.  Bands started asking me to record them, and for the next decade I was recording and producing bands and artists.

          I started feeling like I wasn't in control of my career because I was relying on the the success of artists I produced.  I had always enjoyed making my own music, so I decided to focus on that.

          My song Miracle has over 50,000 plays on pandora.  I've released several collaborations, including a song with a signed artist Ronin Mode.  I'm currently working with and learning from Taylor Swift's former manager, Rick Barker.

          As a producer, my work has been played on radio across the country.  It's been seen and heard by hundreds of thousands of people.  I became a voting member of the Recording Academy and attended the Grammys twice.